Admission i-MBA


MPA 10303 Strategic Marketing

The course covers four essential decision-making stages:
(1) Situation Assessment;
(2) Strategy Formation;
(3) Implementation (Positioning and the Marketing Mix); and
(4) Documentation, Assessment, and Adjustment.

Each stage includes several additional steps and necessitates the application of any number of specific tools or analyses, depending on business decision situation.

MPA 10803 Business Law

This course introduces the student to legal principles and reasoning that can be applied in a commercial setting. It also focuses on the study of how laws are created and how they are applied in the corporate world. The course will benefit all business students by providing them with a wider understanding of legal terminology and concepts that they will meet in the real world. Introduction to the commercial legal environment, contract law, sales of goods law, tort law, partnership law, company law, agency law, and hire and buy law were among the topics covered.

MPA 10403 Leadership & Strategic Human Resource Management

The course takes an in-depth look at the elements that contribute to effective executive leadership and strategic human resource management in a variety of organisations. The problems that leaders encounter, the influence that leadership has, and how leaders develop organisations and crucial relationships are all discussed. Human resource management components are also highlighted, as well as the strategic approaches that must be used in leadership and human resource management in the context of an organisation.

MPA10703 Financial Management

This course offers a thorough graduate-level analysis of corporate finance for use in business decision-making. Time value of money, debt and equity valuation, capital structure strategy, firm valuation, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate taxes concerns are among the topics covered.

MPA 11003 Business Ethics And Corporate Governance

Given the complexity of today’s business operations and scenario, this course aims to emphasise two important components of business players behaviour control: ethics and corporate governance. The first chapter covers topics such as the main components of business ethics, the Malaysian Business Code of Ethics, and business ethics in Islam. Part II highlights the essential concepts to be followed in establishing best practises in corporate governance, as well as the roles of various stakeholders such as board directors, institutional investors, and auditors.

MPA 10903 Business Research Methodology

This course covers the fundamentals of research and how to apply them to performing business research. The best strategy for an issue that the student chooses to explore, the nature of their research aims, the restrictions of the research challenge, and various data collection and analysis approaches are all weighed in this course. Finally, students will be instructed on how to write a research proposal.

MPA 10603 Strategic Management

This is an intriguing and demanding course that explores how businesses develop, implement, and evaluate strategies. Concepts and strategies of strategic management are discussed. Students employ all of their previous business knowledge, as well as new strategic-management methodologies, to determine the future direction of various firms. Students in this course are primarily responsible for making objective strategic decisions and justifying them through oral and written communication.

MPA 10503 Operation Management

The course covers a broad range of academic topics, strategies, tools, and concerns related to operational management. It focuses on the primary operations management decision areas, their impact on company functions, the responsibility of the operations manager, and the relationship between productivity enhancement and operations management.

MPA 21603 Managerial Economics

This course focuses utilising economic theory to aid in the decision-making process inside an organisation. Introduction to managerial economics, decision-making within firms, the theory and estimation of production and cost analysis, competing within markets on pricing and output decision in various market structures, regulation, public goods and cost-benefit analysis, decision-making application, capital budgeting, business decision and government, and locating the firm in a global context are among the topics covered in this course. Case studies will be examined in order for students to gain a better understanding of real-life circumstances. The focus of this course is on economic theory ideas and approaches for dealing with managerial challenges.

MPA 21506 Graduate Projec

Students must conduct systematic business research beginning with Data Collection Methods, Data Analysis, Writing Academic Research, Presenting Research, and Defending Dissertation as part of their graduate project.




This course is designed to help students have a better grasp of technopreneurship. Assessing the economic environment for new business ventures, rules and regulations governing business entities in Malaysia, financial and technical assistance from various agencies, and developing business plans, marketing plans, business operational plans, and financing plans were among the topics covered. Students will be exposed to a variety of successful entrepreneur case studies.

Product Design and Development

This course is divided in two parts: product development and innovation management. Introduction to Innovation Management, Innovation as a Management Process, Managing Innovation Within Firms, Developing the Framework for Innovation Strategy, Building the Innovative Organization, and the Role of Technology Transfer in Innovation are among the topics covered in the innovation management course. Product development, on the other hand, encompasses subjects such as product and brand strategy, new product development, managing the new product development process, product platform and knowledge integration, and best practises for product development managers.

Technology Innovation & Commercialization

This course gives you a broad overview of a variety of models, concepts, and principles related to the technological innovation process. It helps learners about the notion of innovation, its strategic value, and a variety of managerial difficulties that arise when pursuing innovation through product or service development and technology implementation in the workplace. It offers an inside organisational perspective on the innovation process as well as an external perspective on commercialization business models, finance, and current product commercialization issues.


Real Estate Investmen

The fundamentals and managerial aspects of real estate investment are discussed in this course. Fundamentals of real estate valuation, legal aspects of real estate markets, issues and challenges in direct and indirect real estate markets, innovations in real estate investment markets, real estate market efficiency issues, and international real estate market and investment are some of the topics covered.

Real Estate Market Analysis

The fundamentals and management aspects of real estate investment are discussed in this course. These include real estate valuation fundamentals, legal aspects of the real estate market, issues and challenges in direct and indirect real estate markets, innovations in real estate investment markets, real estate market efficiency issues, and worldwide real estate market and investment.

Strategic Corporate Real Estate

This course covers the following topics: corporate real estate asset management – strategy and implementation; corporate real estate asset management – strategy and implementation; and corporate real estate asset management – strategy and implementation. Developing a strategy — using a data-driven approach; Evaluation of a Property’s Performance Understanding property characteristics – information, Understanding the characteristics of property users; Organizational goals in terms of corporate property; An institutional approach to understanding property markets; Understanding property markets through institutional means – legal and financial entities; Understanding property markets through institutional analysis – administrative institutions Developing real estate management strategies

Urban Data Analytics

In summary, the Urban Analytics for Real Estate Data course covers three major topics: quantitative analysis in real estate studies, analytical models and tools, and analytical research outcomes with applications.


Management Support System

Students must conduct systematic business research beginning with Data Collection Methods, Data Analysis, Writing Academic Research, Presenting Research, and Defending Dissertation as part of their graduate project.

Data Mining In Business Analytics

To provide students with an overview to data mining in business analytics, including principles and approaches. The focus will be on four specific topics: classification, prediction, forecasting, and association rules. The model will be built using a number of methodologies, and the evaluation and deployment will be done using many cutting-edge technologies.

Advanced Management Support System

The purpose of this course is to assure that students understand how to make high-impact decisions that are rational and defendable, resulting in increased success in both making and defending these decisions by individuals and organisations. Many parties with competing interests and objectives are involved in most complicated decisions, as are numerous aspects, particularly intangible ones such as social, environmental, and political effects, as well as economic ones. All of these aspects must be prioritised and integrated into a single set of objectives. Benefits, opportunities, costs, and risks all need to be considered while making such complex decisions. Students will be introduced to a range of applications and will get hands-on experience with the Super Decisions software, which makes this kind of decision-making very accessible.


Procurement Strategies For Facilities Management

This course focuses on facility management procurement strategies. This course focuses on the bidders that are best able to offer the services required by a customer over a set period of time, at a price that is acceptable to the client, and under optimal commercial and legal terms that are acceptable to both sides. For a long-term successful procurement process, extensive planning is required prior to coming to market, which includes creating strong objectives for what the client wants to achieve as well as a clear description of the services to be bought.

Facilities Management Services

The focus of this course is on facility management services. Maintenance and engineering teams might benefit greatly from facilities management services. Close working relationships and transparent communication with consumers would aid in the faster detection of maintenance issues, lowering labour and material expenses. Facilities management services can also assist in the identification of potential for increased efficiency, whether in terms of energy or work processes. For company continuity and future planning, efficient customer service delivery can improve an organization’s image and reputation.

Asset And Facilities Management

This course focuses on asset and facilities management strategy best practises to improve operational performance, lower whole-life costs, and support a company’s corporate goals. Active asset management is critical for any organization’s efficient and long-term success. The basic premise is to intervene at a strategic level in repair and maintenance activities in order to preserve asset performance and extend asset and facility life. A proactive asset and facilities management plan gives the organisation a complete picture of what it owns or leases, its condition, location, and when it will be serviced or replaced next. This streamlines the budgeting process for repair and maintenance projects, allowing for more efficient Planned Maintenance implementation and lower backlog liabilities.

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