1. Focus on preparation for competency Engine Driver 1st/2nd grade examination, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH/JKKP)
  2. Provide participants with comprehensive knowledge & hands-on (practical) using boiler facilities.
  3. Operation & Maintenance activities: various aspects including boiler operation, mounting, fitting, handling, inspection & maintenance. 
  4. Improve skills, needs industrial skilled manpower and enhance levels of competency.

  •  Malaysian.
  • Experience, at least 18 months / 2 years working experience as a Steam Engine or Steam Boiler Attendance (indirectly handling a boiler)
  • Participants who is candidates are subject to minimum requirements based on (DOSH/JKKP) regulations.
  • Open to employees serving in related industry sectors.
  •  Those who want to enhance level of competency, improving skills & knowledge in this field.

Please submit SBL-Khas Scheme grant application e-TRiS

1. Employer needs to apply grant before the commencement of training.
2. Supporting document (s) must be submitted which include quotation, trainer profile and schedule/course content.


*** Please refer to attachment, HRD Corp Grant Application Helper document.

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