Master of Science in Railway Engineering (Mixedmode) - CNR

About the program

The main aim of this program is to develop knowledge, improve strategies and decision making in design, operation and performance of railway engineering. Being the only one of its kind in Malaysia, this program gives not only an accredited Masters of Science degree, but also an exciting and rewarding career opportunities where the railway skills and knowledge will be highly sought after.

Full Time – International

Minimum 3 Semesters (1.5 Years) 

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree with Honours from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) or any other higher learning institution recognized by the UTHM Senate with cumulative grade points average (CPA) of 2.75
  • Applicant who possess a Bachelor Degree or equivalent not meeting the minimum CPA can be accepted subjected to minimum years of working experience in related field (ONE (1) year working experience equivalence to 0.1 CPA)
  • Minimum score of MUET Band 3 or TOELF 500 or IELTS 5.0.
  • Applicants who fulfil the academic qualification from Institution of higher learning throughout Malaysia that is recognized by the Senate are eligible to apply for exemption from the English language requirements.
  • Applicants who do not fulfil the minimum English language requirement but graduated from universities listed as the English Speaking Countries are eligible to apply for exemption from the English language requirements.

Year 1 

Semester 1

Research Methodology
Transportation System & Planning
Infrastructure and Track Systems
Train Control System
Rolling Stock & Traction System

Semester 2

Railway Management 
Dissertation 1
Elective 1
Elective 2

Year 2

Semester 3

Dissertation 2


Elective Subjects:

Elective 1:
Railway Electrification System
Railway Operation and Maintenance
Railway Track Engineering Design

Elective 2:
Signalling and Communication
Project Management
Rolling Stocks Technologies and Maintenance


Expert and competent in providing solutions and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Engineering Technology field


Demonstrates excellent leadership through effective communication, good social skills and practice continuous self-development


Performs responsibility in professional and ethical manners for the betterment of organization, community, society and nation

  1. Demonstrate mastery of knowledge and independence in undertaking analytical and critical evaluation, and synthesis of information, specialized concepts, theories, methods and practice in Engineering Technology
  2. Apply knowledge critically and integrative to manage and resolve complex issues in Engineering Technology through investigations and research using advance techniques, tools or skills for decision making and producing innovative solutions or practice.
  3. Conduct standard and specialized research methods and apply practical skills, tools or investigative techniques for new research and applications in Engineering Technology. 
  4. Work collaboratively with different people in learning and working communities or networks.
  5. Communicate effectively to convey the knowledge, skills, ideas, critique and conclusion using appropriate methods to peers, experts, and non-experts. 
  6. Competently use a wide range of suitable digital technologies and appropriate software to enhance study and research in Engineering Technology. 
  7. Apply mathematical and other quantitative and/or qualitative tools to analyze and evaluate numerical and graphical data in Engineering Technology.  
  8. Demonstrate significant autonomy, independence, leadership, and interpersonal skills in planning and managing task.
  9. Demonstrate self-advancement through continuous academic and professional development for life-long learning. 
  10. Recognise the importance of entrepreneurship in Engineering Technology and its related discipline.
  11. Performs responsibility with good ethical judgements and decisions by adhering to legal code, ethics and professional practice.